Detta är saker jag minns, 2021.
(These Are Things I Remember, 2021)

My BFA exam project installed and on exhibit at Konstfack, Stockholm. 

For a long time I’ve felt, always felt, that I should mourn. I’ve felt ashamed for not mourning enough, or in the proper way. At the same time, I’ve sometimes felt that I’ve mourned too much. Through objects, both specific possessions, objects I encounter in my everyday life and objects that only exist in my memory, I remember and am reminded of the loss. With the help of these objects and my own making, I have in this project examined my own relationship to the loss I’ve gone through, the grief I’ve felt and not felt.
My degree project is an investigation into and a representation of what grief can look like, what shapes it can take, through and with the help of objects, voluntarily or involuntarily. My work is about memory, about what settles and what’s forgotten, what’s clear and what’s distorted.

© Elias Dahl